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In 1954 the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) was led by God to place before Indian Christians their responsibility for world evangelisation. As a result of this concern the Indian Evangelical Overseas Mission (IEOM) was initiated to send Indian missionaries to work overseas and to channel financial support to them, the whole effort being indigenous. For some time the IEOM was involved in work amongst overseas Indians in Kenya. For various reasons the mission became inoperative.

In January 1965 God used Dr Theodore Williams (1935 - 2009), who was a member of the EFI Executive Committee, to revive this missionary interest. As a result, the Indian members of the EFI Executive Committee met together in Devlali, Maharashta on 15th January 1965 and after prayer decided to form the Indian Evangelical Mission. The Indian members of the EFI Executive became the founder members of the Board of the Mission. Thus the Indian Evangelical Mission was born.

                         General Secretaries of IEM

1965 - 1990  Dr Theodore Williams
1990 - 1999  Dr R. Theodore Srinivasagam
1999 - 2002  Rev. Victor Sitther
2002 - 2007  Rev. Noel Kotian
2007 - 2015  Rev P. John Wesley
2016 to date Rev. Dr Raja Singh

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