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The Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM) is a mission agency working almost entirely in India.  The history of IEM began in 1954.  IEM:

  • Has 930 missionaries and staff.
  • Recruits approximately 25 young Indian people each year.
  • Works among 54 different people groups who are Muslims, Hindus or Tribals.
  • Works in 35 mission fields with 130 mission stations in India and 6 overseas.

IEM is involved in:

  • Evangelism and church planting among unreached groups of people.
  • Leadership development in the Mission Fields.
  • Bible Translation in unwritten languages.
  • Literacy programmes for those who cannot read.
  • Medical clinics and community health projects in rural areas.
  • Development work, such as running hostels for tribal children, food for work programmes and drilling to provide drinking water.

IEM finance.

  • IEM looks to God in faith for its support through Christian people.
  • Missionariesí salaries and general work expenses of the Mission come from Indian Christians and churches.
  • Gifts from overseas are only used:
           for capital expenditure, e.g. building projects
           for special projects

IEMís Vision: The Gospel to every person and church among every people group.
IEMís Mission: 1. To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unevangelised areas in India and abroad and to plant churches among unreached people groups.
2. To challenge and strengthen Indian Christians to realise their responsibility for world evangelisation and to recognise their partnership with other Christians in the world fulfilling their task.
IEMís Pillars: Vision, Faith and Sacrifice.
IEMís Core Values: Mobility, Equality, Integrity, Fellowship, Loyalty and Purity.

The IEM Headquarters is in Bangalore and the General Secretary is Rev Dr Raja Singh Elias.

Rev Dr Raja Singh Elias


IEM Headquarters

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