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IEM Food Aid Project

IEM preaches the Gospel and plants churches throughout India. IEM is therefore ideally placed, through their contacts and representatives, to distribute Food Aid to needy folk all over India. The need is great, as there are many thousands of people who work as domestic maids and auto drivers, as well as carrying out other lowly tasks, who are unable to work as a result of the strong lockdown imposed by the Government, due to the Covid-19 virus. Many of these are refugees or migrant workers unable to return to their homes. They are unable to buy food, and are going hungry, and actually in danger of starvation. IEM is concerned for them, and has decided to help. They are making up packs of food, containing rice, flour, dal, sugar, tea, soap, cooking oil, and are distributing them in poor areas of cities such as Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, where some hundreds of packs have already been distributed They have also sent packs to many of the tribal areas where they work.

This work is costing a great deal of money, on top of the ongoing commitment to support nearly 1,000 workers. Each pack costs about 800 rupees, equivalent to about £8.50 in UK money. Friends of IEM UK, which exists to promote IEM in the UK, is supporting this vital work, and has written to all supporters asking for help. There have been reports in the UK media with details of the situation. If you feel moved to help, you can send a gift to Friends of IEM UK. You can send it by Bank Transfer to A C 1 Friends of IEM, Sort Code 77-62-13, Account number 06824868, or you can send a cheque made out to “Friends of IEM” to Dr Chris Hardy, 13 Burnside Drive, Burnage, Manchester. M19 2LT. In either case please send an email to Chris at, telling him the amount you have sent, so that the transfer to India can be quick!

Thanks for your help.

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